Reaper Lords

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Reaper Lords?

The first step is to APPLY. Follow the instructions and wait for a reply.

What platforms are you on?

Reaper Lords are currently accepting applications for PS4 and XB1 only.

Can I join the GTA V MC only?

No. As of December 12, 2018 all recruiting for Reaper Lords is in Read Dead Online only. Individuals that earn their patch in RDO also earn the Reaper Lord patch in GTAV Online but prospecting on GTA only is not an option.

How long will it take to hear back from the club after filling out an application?

It usually takes 5-10 days for us to reach out after you have submitted an application. You will not be messaged back if your application isn’t approved. Be sure that the contact information provided is accurate and check your messages promptly.

How do I know if my application has been rejected?

If you haven’t been contacted by within 10 days of submitting an application then it is likely that you have been rejected. However, if you’d like to check up on your application feel free to contact us.

I’m in a crew with a few friends who don’t play GTAV often, do I have to leave our crew in order to join Reaper Lords?

Yes, we demand 100% loyalty. You must leave all GTA and RDO crews you are in order to join. You may still join if you are involved in a clan outside of GTA or RDO but you must remain active with us.

What time zone does the club operate on?

All club activities are scheduled using Eastern Standard Time.

Are Reaper Lords on PC?

Not yet. If you’re a PC player that would like to join Reaper Lords email us.

How long is the prospecting process?

It takes as long as it takes. Prospects get out what they put in. We don’t require that you play every day, but we do require maximum effort when you do.

Can I ride sport bikes in the Reaper Lords?

On GTA, LORDs ride traditional MC cruiser bikes. On RDO, you will be required to ride specific horses.

Do I have to wear the uniform at all times if I join?

In RDO, Reaper Lords have a designated uniform that all club members must wear for official events. In GTA, club members are required to wear their jacket at all times unless told otherwise.

Do you have any other questions?

Hit us up via the CONTACT FORM and we will do our best to answer you promptly.

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