every lord has a voice and a vote Votes on major decisions, elected officers, and a national constitution empower every LORD apply now A TRULY UNIQUE EXPERIENCE BEYOND GAMING LORDs enjoy world-wide meet-ups irl & have raised nearly $10k for charity so far apply now PRIDE IN BEING part of SOMETHING SPECIAL Reaper Lords have been featured by Rockstar Games, Kotaku, IGN, VICE and other media outlets apply now A FAMILY THAT WELCOMES GOOD PEOPLE LORDs are comprised of individuals from all walks of life and cultures apply now MEMBERSHIP MUST BE EARNED Respect flows throughout our ranks because every LORD earns their way into the club apply now
About the


Reaper Lords MC was founded in 2013 as an online motorcycle club within Grand Theft Auto Online. The club created strict rules of membership modeled after real-world biker clubs. Our highly structured organizational design, and rigorous recruiting process within the crazy world of GTA, quickly attracted the attention of Rockstar Games and the gaming media – inspiring many imitators and leading to thousands of applications for membership. Reaper Lords have established well-respected charters on both XBOX and PlayStation.
Reaper Lords from all over the world are active on both GTAV Online and Red Dead Redemption II Online. Activities are focused primarily on RDO, with all recruiting, club meetings, and most game play occurring within the wild west. Beyond gaming, LORDs have raised thousands of dollars for charity and host real-world meet-ups in the US and Europe. With active chats to discuss club goals, a dedicated social media presence, and real-world meet-ups, membership in Reaper Lords offers a truly unique experience that goes well beyond gaming.
Reaper Lords will continue to set new standards of expectation for what a gaming crew can be. Online gaming has become a massive global industry while gaming technology has advanced at breakneck speeds. LORDs have grown and evolved in-step with gaming advancements and beyond what other gaming clans can manage, because we never lose sight of our core values. Respect, maturity, loyalty, and commitment are the pillars upon which the Reaper Lords have been built and will ensure we stand the test of time.
Reaper Lords

Benefits of Membership

Membership is Earned
Every member has earned their patch, often at great difficulty, fostering an unbreakable loyalty and respect that is the foundation of our strength as a club.
Global Reach
Our active global membership spans five continents and nine countries. Reaper Lords are active and online at all times.
With well defined hierarchy and membership roles, Reaper Lords follow procedures that govern all major club functions and activities.
Reaper Lords are visible members of the online gaming community with Charters on both consoles and an active presence on all social media platforms.
Club Events
Weekly ranked tournaments and monthly events with other clubs and the community help keep members active and engaged.
Regular combat and ride training where we formulate new and unique combat solutions for dynamic engagements.
If you want to ride fast, ride alone.

If you want to ride far, ride together.